The core of our curriculum is the importance of play. While we do some "table work" in the preschool classrooms, we rely mostly on children's innate abilities to learn through play. This does not mean, as some may fear, that children run around the room all day with no schedule or direction. It does mean that they are given plenty of time to interact with each other, experiment, imagine, and pretend within a challenging, supportive, scheduled and teacher-facilitated environment. Lesson Plans for each week are posted on the classroom bulletin board.

The primary role of the teachers in the preschool classrooms is to interact with the children, extending play and acting on learning opportunities. In this way, classroom order is also easily maintained. Additionally, we strive to observe the children for assessment and planning purposes. We use the Creative Curriculum Assessment and Planning System; children are observed, not tested, to assess skills and needs. Lesson plans and classroom arrangement are then based on these assessments.