Slings make parenthood easier. They help soothe babies and allow parents to get things done.
We give a free sling to all our parents who have Welcome Baby Visits.

Slings are a great way to carry your baby. They take some practice, but are worth the effort. Once you get your sling figured out, you will be amazed at how much easier it can be to get things done and comfort your baby.

"[My sling] comes in handy when I'm busy doing things and she can come along. We bond a lot more."--1st time mom

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO CHECK OUT MAYA WRAP'S VIDEOS ON HOW TO WEAR A BABY SLING. WE GIVE THEM 5 STARS! ALSO Please read the CPSC warning on using caution with slings and babies under 4 months old.

Maya Wrap How-To Sling Videos

Consumer Product Safety Commission on Sling Use

Babywearing International