What PARENTS say they like about their Welcome Baby Visits :
"Friendly, knowledgeable & reassuring."

"Loved getting a free sling. That really helped with all the other expenses that a new baby brings."

"Our Baby Connector makes us feel really reassured about being parents."

"I enjoyed having my concerns validated and being listened to."

"Getting to talk to someone about some of my worries!"

"I really liked how our Baby Connector talked and listened to our thoughts. She made us feel comfortable being with our son and being new parents."

"Finding our more about community programs and the sling we received."

"Having someone come and giving me advice that I can use."

"Reminding me of things I forgot about with my first daughter."

"I very much appreciated the time that was spent making sure all my questions were answered. The resources I was provided with were all very helpful. What a wonderful program--thank you!"